Poppy will help you every step of the way from giving you advise on how to rent in the UK to pre application forms and much more.

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How To Rent

This information is frequently updated, please click the below to download our PDF (1.04 MB) or search the 'How to Rent' section on the GOV.UK website.

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Our Fees

Typical Fees Before Occupation of the Property

  • Application Fee: £200 per application (2 people) payable when the application is submitted. Additional £100 per person thereafter.
  • Guarantor Application Fee: £100.

Typical Fees Payable on or Before the Start Date of the Tenancy

  • Tenancy Deposit Registration Fee: £35 per tenancy paid when signing the tenancy agreement.
  • Security Deposit: Typically a months rent plus £100 e.g. if the rent is £595 the deposit will be £695.
  • The First Months Rent: This is whatever the agreed rent is.

Vacate Notice

Wanting to vacate your property? Please send an email to

Please include your full name, address, telephone number and the date you would like to vacate the property.

We will send you a confirmation email to acknowledge your request, please contact our office on 01482 324010 if you do not receive this

Tips For Tenants

Renting couldn’t be easier for our tenants, so we have put some top tips together to help you find the perfect Poppy property.

  • Talk to the team. The most helpful people to talk to when looking to find a rental property is our expert team.
  • Furnished or Unfurnished? This decision should be made early on as it allows you to narrow down your search.
  • Always view the property. Viewing a potential property not only allows you to imagine yourself living there, but it also gives you the time to view the condition of the property.
  • Consider the layout. Does it have the number of bedrooms you require? Is there enough parking? Does the bathroom have a bath or shower, or both?
  • Budget right. Work out honestly what you can afford and set a budget to guide you through the process.

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