Online Vs Highstreet

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Online Vs Highstreet

The decision to sell your home is not an easy one.

Deciding if you take the plunge can be all-consuming, but at Poppy, we encourage all of our house sellers to put their trust in our very capable hands and let us handle the process for you, but with the rise of online estate agents it is worth going for the cheaper online option? 

It is possible for you to advertise your property online with digital estate agents without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of online agents is the savings you can make. Prices online can start from as little as £99 but are it worth the money? Often with an online company, you will have to pay up front that means if your property sale falls through then you have lost the money you laid out initially. If you choose a deferred payment option, read the small print because you have to still pay whether or not your property sells within a selected time scale. 

Check the fee’s, with online estate agents there can be many hidden fees. Whilst the initial payment may seem cheaper than your high street store, the additional extras can add up to be more than the deal is worth initially. Plus, some online prices will have conditions such as you are only allowed to use their in-house services such as mortgage broker and conveyancer. 

Who are the people behind the deal? Find out who would be handling your sale and how the process might work. In many cases, an online estate agent can look like a great deal, but when it comes down to liaising with someone about your property there is no dedicated account manager for you. If you are not careful you can end up never speaking to the same person twice, but instead, be batted about between whoever happens to answer your call.  

Key questions to ask before choosing an online estate agent:

  • How do they vet potential buyers and minimise the risk of time wasters?
  • What marketing packages do they provide? Is it purely online or will they provide a sign to be placed outside the property?
  • How do you arrange viewings? With many online estate-agent viewings are not attended by the online company. In all likelihood, you will have to handle all viewing yourself.
  • How will they value your home? This information is provided by online data and statistics, not by a physical estate agent who knows the area visiting your property to give you an accurate price.
  • How does an online agent negotiate price? Most don’t want to haggle as it can be too time consuming, read the small print before you sign up to see what your package allows.

All in all, the online estate agent process can only be described as cold and structured. The process doesn’t allow for human response or knowledge. If you go online, you miss out on the opportunity of a knowledgeable expert helping you through the process and answering your questions. With all of our buyers, we visit them on valuation and also conduct viewings for all properties. We properly vet all buyers to avoid the time-wasters and want you to get the best sale price for your house. 

Poppy Residential are focussed on looking after the buyer and making sure they understand what is happening through every step of the process. We are available for any questions, at any time and our experts are the best in the area at what they do. Find out more about our house selling service on our selling page



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