Landlords, Why Use Us?

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Landlords, Why Use Us?

The elephant in the room for most landlords is should we use an estate agent to manage and let out our property?

The answer in our opinion can only be yes. Poppy Residential offer carefree property management, free valuations and much more. We can not only let out your property but we also offer a complete stress-free management of your property and tenant. 

We know that it might be tempting to reduce costs in any business and sometimes cost reduction is worthwhile. On the flipside, there are plenty of reasons why spending a little extra money can be vastly beneficial later on in the process. 

Here are just a few reasons why landlords should use us:

This is what we do

All day, every day we arrange tenancies, sort out property issues and sell houses! We have a highly skilled and experienced team who know the region very well. So you can rest assured that our team can handle just about anything.

Avoid empty properties

We know that sitting on an empty property can be extremely costly. Whilst that property is sat empty, we make it our mission to secure an adequate tenant as soon as possible. This needs to be a careful vetting process as, letting your property to the wrong tenant can be disastrous. We strive to undertake credit checks and employ rigorous referencing on your behalf. This helps to reduce the potential costs involved with pursuing a tenant that fails to live up to their tenant’s obligations.

Understanding the market

To make sure that you are renting your property out at the right price, it is all down to understanding the current housing market and demand. Without that knowledge, you are simply guessing what your property is worth. Our excellent team of Sales and Lettings Coordinators have the experience to value your property at the right price. Price the property to high and you could end up with an empty property for weeks or months. 

If you are interested in becoming or landlord or you would like to expand your current portfolio, please find more information on our ‘Landlords’ page. Alternatively, please contact us on 01482 324 010, email 



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