Top Tips for House Viewings

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Top Tips for House Viewings

When selling your property, making sure your home is looking its best is important. Not only will it speed up the sale of your property, but it can also add thousands of pounds to the value.
Instead of your viewers imagining how great space can be, you need to pinpoint the key features of your home and show them off. 
Here are a few tips sellers find helpful when preparing for a viewing:


Outside Matters

Buyers will often drive by a house before deciding whether or not to book a visit to your property, so make sure the outside of your house is tidy. Regularly mow your lawn, trim your hedges and remove any weeds from your pathways.
Putting a fresh coat of paint on your windows can also make your home look more inviting.


Bathrooms & Toilets

Keep this room as clear as possible, remove the access toiletries & the kids' bath toys and replace them with fresh, folded towels. Ensure your bath and shower fittings are kept clean & replace bath and shower sealants if necessary.


Living room and bedrooms

Declutter to make each room feel bigger, this will make it easier for those viewing your home to imagine living there. By removing photo frames and vases from the windowsills, you will allow more natural daylight to enter the room. Be sure to clean up in cupboard spaces too, potential buyers will want to look in these spaces, so be sure to have them in order.



Ensure your entire kitchen is clean and polished, this includes all appliances which are included in the sale. Declutter all surfaces and keep the window ajar to remove any smells left behind from cooking (unless you’re baking fresh bread, that’s still the most appealing scent found in a kitchen).


Making sure you follow these few simple steps could help the process of selling your home. If you would like any further advice on selling your property, call our team of experts on (01482) 324010 & we’ll be happy to help.

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